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E-Learning Coordination of the Vetsuisse Faculty

Welcome to the homepage of the E-Learning Coordination of the Vetsuisse Faculty

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This page is aimed at lecturers and students of the Vetsuisse Faculty. Lecturers will find important information about the possibilities and support for the tele- and multimedia design and distribution of teaching content. Students will find an overview of e-learning projects that have been developed at the Vetsuisse Faculty.

E-Learning Definition

E-learning refers to all forms of learning/teaching which uses digital media for the presentation and distribution of learning material and/or to support interpersonal communication. This includes:

  • Use of learning management systems (e.g. OLAT, ILIAS) for the administration and organization of learning content and teaching processes
  • Technologies to support interaction/communication (e.g. discussion forums)
  • Tutorials
  • E-tools (e.g. ScanScope)
  • E-assessment (e.g. online tests and exercises)

... this does not include:

  • Uploading files without didactic embedding
  • Lecture recordings without didactic integration

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